Welcome to Kanna Royale. Premium Swiss CBD
Welcome to Kanna Royale. Premium Swiss CBD
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CBD dosage guide


How do you take CBD oil?

Unfortunately we cannot directly advocate dosage requirements, but we can point you in the direction of websites which can help you make an informed decision.

The 'depression alliance' offers a method of calculation on how to gauge dosage, similarly, 'migraine key' offers advice for those that suffer from migraines (you can read about one of the Kanna Royale team on our news page. He has a very strange migraine affliction).

CBD has been known to have a positive affect for those suffering from Parkinson's desease. A page hosted by 'dementia care centre' is dedicated to the effects of CBD in decreasing the symptoms of Parkinson's. While there is no specific dosage on the site, the page is informative and defines the forms of administration.

If you would like even more information on CBD, it's uses, effects and dosage, head over to 'project cbd', an invaluable source of information.