Welcome to Kanna Royale. Premium Swiss CBD
Welcome to Kanna Royale. Premium Swiss CBD
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About Kanna Royale


What makes Kanna Royale different from the rest?

There are numerous other CBD products available to you, so why choose Kanna Royale?

At Kanna Royale we focus on premium quality and ensure the highest   standards. We partner with a select few producers of Swiss CBD derivatives which guarantee premium products.

Growing plants for CBD derivatives in Switzerland is legal. This means that the industry is fully regulated, resulting in superior quality.

All of our products are analysed for CBD content and laboratory tested to ISO CEI 17025 standards.

The nurturing of sativa plants, producing CBD rich flowers is our ongoing focus. We are lucky here in Switzerland since the conditions and resources available to us are best in class. Our luck is yours too, our plants are grown organically, inhaling the sumptuous Swiss air. We use the purest of water with the perfect PH balance and add no chemical nutrients at any stage of the growing cycle. It can take up to 16 weeks to produce a fully blossomed plant and we tend to them meticulously, every step of the way.

By ensuring that our plants are best in class, we are safe in the knowledge that we have the best foundation in order to produce our oils.

Premium quality takes a little more time. We don't rush our products, instead we prefer to ensure that our derivatives are superior in all areas.

Kanna Royal's focus is on CBD derivatives and due to our meticulous processes and production quality, our derivatives are in high demand. We do run out from time to time and for this we apologise, but we concentrate on quality and not quantity.